Bla-Bla-Lab — Art As Writing

Text laboratory and interactive collective exhibition

Essentai Gallery, Almaty, 19-25 August 2019.
Initiated and curated by Krëlex zentre (Ruthia Jenrbekova and Maria Vilkovisky). Supported by Togzhan Sakbayeva and Essentai Gallery.

Bla-Bla-Lab is a laboratory of artistic texts and writings. It is a collective project involving 20 artists from Kazakhstan, alongside with poets, activists and gallery visitors. It began as series of meetings where we discussed our approaches and strategies. Afterwards participants have been working for three days in the gallery space. On the opening evening visitors were invited to contribute to the exhibition. The main idea was to reflect on text as artistic medium able to convey political meanings. What can art-as-text look like today? What text can express beyond literary genres?

Participants: Feminita, Leonid Han, Dilda Ramazan, Tolkin Sakbayeva, Roman Zaharov, Katya Nikonorova, Suinbike, Ruthie Jenrbekova, Tamina Ospanova, Maria Neff, Rashid Nurikeev, Arystanbek Shalbaev, Ramil Niyazov, Medina Bazargaly, Anuar Duisenbinov, Laura Zainutdinova, Kuanysh Bazargaliev, Maria Vilkovisky, Amir Shaikezhanov.
DJn: Assel, Omi.