Nobody With a Movie Camera

documentary, 60 min, digital, 2011 – 2016.
Film comprises of steady and panoramic shots of central parts of Almaty city.

Idea, editing, music: Ruth Jenrbekova
Photography: Morris Getman
Commissioned by krёlex zentre


This is a movie about isolation. What it attempts to capture is a ghostly life, but in a way that inverts relations between the disembodied ghost and it’s corporeal vis-à-vis, which use to be relations between spectacle and spectator. In modern culture ghosts become increasingly attractive due to exotic aura of mystery that surrounds them. They are searched for, photographed, studied, even hunted. The so called ghost cities are getting popular worldwide, becoming sites of tourist attraction and subjects for eerie documentaries. But from the ghost’s perspective there is nothing exotic or “eerie” in being disembodied and excluded from what full-fledged humans consider their own reality. Perhaps what we call haunting is just a manifestation of the desire to reconnect.

Full length [SD]

imaginary art institute