Educational performance for two microphones, cables, speakers, non-speakers, humans  and other objects

Can a song produce a bird? How can things be sung? During our performance we will try to check what kinds of sounds can exist, which of them can be perceived or produced by humans or non-humans, and what it all can mean.  Taking into account the well-known wave nature of matter, can we imagine sound as more foundational aspect of reality than we used to think?

In modern culture sound is usually considered as something like a background or a side effect of what is taking place in the field of sight. When we think of a material object we tend to visualize it, while sound can only be a dispensable consequence produced by solid things that are always “already there”, silent or not. Wrong Dept is going to check if it should always necessarily be so.

Wrong Dept is one of the departments of kreolex zentr dealing with public experimentations. Currently it is represented by two employees: Maria Vilkovisky and Ruthie Jenrbekova (Almaty – Vienna).