RESTRICTED AREA is environmental artwork by Maria Vilkovisky and Ruth Jenrbekova, shown in Botanical Garden of Almaty city as a part of international artistic and research project SYMBIOSIS, curated by Yana Malinovskaya (within the framework of “ArtBat Fest”, Almaty, 2016)

Photo by Yana Malinovskaya
Restricted Area Restricted Area_2 Restricted Area_3 Restricted Area_5 Restricted Area_6 Restricted Area_9 Restricted Area_10 Restricted Area_13 A Restricted Area_12 Restricted Area_14 Restricted Area_15 Restricted Area_16 Restricted Area_17 Restricted Area_21 Restricted Area_19 Restricted Area__22 Restricted Area_24 RESTRICTED AREA Resrited Area_37 Resrited Area_36 Resrited Area_34 Resrited Area_33 Resrited Area_32 Resrited Area_ 30 A Restricted Area_25 Restricted Area_29

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