Post-Family In The Light Of Institutional Critique

“Post-Family In The Light Of Institutional Critique”
“Feminist (Art) Critique” exhibition and conference, Minsk, 2014.

Post-Family @Feminist Art Critique_Minsk 2014

Being a kind of a queer family with uncertain social status, we share our experience of artistic production within domestic household context. Among key topics of this talk are: contemporary forms of family-like aliances, blurring private and public in the post-fordist 24-hour ‘immaterial’ labor, deconstruction of the “blood ties” mythology, disclosure of kinship as linguistic structure, explication of connections between patriarchal family and nationalist right-wing rhetorics, examples of non-individualist polyamorous lifestyles and new forms of self-organized queer collectiveness. The lecture is accompanied with the slideshow, as well as simultaneous cooking and treating the audience with the fresh made glühwein by the end of the talk.


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