Lecture on John Cage

“Lecture on John Cage” was an educational project composed of following three parts:

1. Musical Lecture-Happening

Authors: Maria Vilkovisky, Ruth Jenrbekova

Performers: Natalia Novikova, Dalen Shintemirov, Anastasia Rover, Maria Vilkovisky, Ruth Jenrbekova.

Organizer: Julia Sorokina, curator

Almaty, Artishok theater, 2011

The lecture-happening included a narration concerning John Cage’s ouevre and his influence on contemporary arts and music, as well as performing of some of the Cage’s pieces (In A Landscape (1948), Dream (1948), Water Music (1952), Six Melodies For Violin & Keyboard (1950), Solo For Voice #52 (Aria #2), Experiences #2 (1948)), readings of literary works by John Cage, Igor Stravinsky, Vasilisk Gnedov, Edward Estlin Cummings. Event also included screenings,  improvised choreographic pieces, physical theater and sound improvisation with the audience involvement. The ending was not planned. The event should have come to an end spontaneously with the last spectator leaving the theater. However, after five hours audience was still there and theater administration had to cut off electric power to make us leave.
This event was a part of a series of lectures on contemporary art organized by curator Julia Sorokina

2. Audio recordings

During 2011-2012 some audio material was recorded by Creoleak centr and composed into a 32 min audio mix entitled “Lecture on John Cage”


3.  Street happening  “100 years 33 months John Cage jubilee ceremonial event”, (June 5 2015)

A ceremony that took place in a city park was about the opening of the unofficial counter-monument memorizing John Cage.