stage performance
Saint Petersburg, 2016, Berlin,  2015. Moscow, 2015.

Performance consists of a sequence of short numbers a la cabaret in various genres, including official presentations, singing songs, poetry readings, fragments of lectures, dances, physical theater, DJ-ing and monologues, as well as coffee-breaks and conversations with the audience. All of those numbers are united under the topic of blurring borders, in-betweenness and self-irony concerning lack of artistic completeness and mastership. In terms of content what we talk about is a variety of poignant issues that affect us on personal level: institutionalization of culture, oppressive normativity, exclusiveness of arts, references to “nature” and “science” as means for justification of inequalities, notion of borders within genres, genders and social strata, transphobia, mysoginy, patriarchy, and failure as a constitutive element of human condition. Significant part of the performance is based on improvisation.

INTEMEDIA 3 (Saint Petersburg)