Wrong Dept

Live performances: songs, sound & poetry reading and spoken word, interviews and conferences.
Живые выступления: пение под музыку и без, поэтические чтения и разговоры, интервью и конференции

Conjuring the World Together:
Art & Queer & Emancipation of the Non-existent
Заколдовываем Мир Вместе:
Искусство, Квир и Эмансипация Несуществующего

Swab, Bucket, Rag and  Philosopher  are doing a joint project (part of Intermedia 3)

Between  The Lines

Presentation at “Contemporary Utopia” Conference organised by Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

Creoleak  Radio @FLUX

Presentation at STAB “Creolisation and Social Copmositionism in Post-Soviet Central Asia

Performance At Kvir_Feminist_Actziya

Exactly From Here

Poetry & Sound In Bishkek

Interview about Creoleak Centr