kreolex logo

This logo is based on the definition of creoleness by Edouard Glissant: “The world diffracted but recomposed“. There are several things here to think about.

1. By diffraction we can understand the history of forced mass migration in times of Imperial rule, or, in our case, Sovetization. It is about the first trauma of breaking apart, of losing the substantial unity of traditional society.  The subsequent process of recomposition of Self is nothing else but the birth of new subjectivity, emerging on both individual and societal levels.

2. The image refers to light distribution in space. It illustrates rays’ behavior when they cross the border between two different environments. It refers to the Science of Light, following the winding path of a good old Enlightenment project.

3. This picture expresses the idea that every unity consists of inner heterogeneity and every wholeness can be decomposed and recomposed again. It promotes the necessity of recomposing our small not-so-human World once again.