Central Asian Mental Map

Collective Proxy-Assemblage. DK Rosy,  St. Petersburg, 2016
Commissioned by Chto Delat.

Proxy-assemblage means that artists participate remotely by sending their instructions to curators who were responsible to implement ideas in the actual space.
In the beginning of Spring 2016 Kreolex zentre published an open call for artists from Central Asia prompting to send their ideas — just artistic concepts, not artworks themselves — so that we could compose a kind of an assemblage out of those ideas: a Central Asian Mental Map. Every concept supposed to take a very basic form – an amateur drawing, a short text, a household item, etc. The whole project was similar to Hans Ulrich Obrist’s “Do It!” (1993), when 12 artists were invited to send instructions regarding what exactly should be done within the exhibition space. Eventually we received proposals from 14 individual artists and collectives, which were translated to the tiny wall assemblage in St. Petersburg’s DK Rosy (Rosa Luxemburg’s House of Culture) in April, 2016.
Artists:  Katipa-Apai (katya Nikonorova)  Kuanysh Bazargaliev, Saule Dyussenbina, Feminist Initiative Bishkek, Zoya Falkova, Feminita , Nick Neyman, Fatima Omir, Lyazzat Serjan, Saule Suleimenova, STAB collective, Tim Schenker, Kuanysh Tazabekov, Diana Ukhina.

A video documentation :