Info Debt

kreolex zentre is a parainstitution of arts. it does not exist in common physical sense thereby encouraging  the emancipation of the underexistent from confinements of the solid reality

kz  is often represented by it’s two employees from almaty, kazakhstan (maria vilkovisky and ruthia jenrbekova), who work as a duet in various genres and media. there are other entities working as staff members in our uncertain collective.

being a parainstitution, kreolex zentre combines real and imaginary forms of nature-cultural production thereby remapping the intermediate zone between objective and subjective, authentic and fictional, factual and imaginary, natural and cultural.

it is not known when, where, why and by whom kreolex zentre was founded – we call it “lack of foundational grounds”. the strategic mission and long term goals of this spectral quasi-organization is also unknown.

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