welcome —

— to the fictional cultural organization
that does not exist in reality,
but not completely

krëlex zentre is an outline of an art-center that does not represent a local community, speaking instead on behalf of ‘nobody’: the unclassified multitude of earthlings, the ‘critters’, the translocal queer imaginaries, which have not yet emerged and whose existence is always in question. It can be seen as an artwork in the genre of ‘constructive’ institutional critique – a phantom platform created in response to the situation of local institutional deficiency.

It is also an  undercover signboard for the various activities of two artists from Kazakhstan:
Maria Vilkovisky and Ruthie Jenrbekova.

We try to position ourselves on a par with many underrecognized quasi-diasporas of the Biosphere with their nascent artistic languages, emerging autopoietically out of biosphere nature-cultural soup

We believe that means of identity production need to be re-distributed and made accessible for all entities

What we produce are events of various types:

imaginary art institute